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Karen is going to WOW CEO’s and leaders who hire, retain and fire with her knowledge of the characteristics of a successful salesperson and why you MUST (I emphasize MUST) eliminate underperformers from your team.

Joe will tell the truth about the way successful marketers must think, make decisions, walk, talk and act to become a top 8% income earner.

No motivation! No fluff!  No “Feel Good”  stories!

Together, they will show leaders how to build a “dream marketing team” and individual marketers how to become the top performer on that dream team!

Karen Benjamin

As co-founder & co-owner of Worldleaders, Karen’s passion is working with CEO’s and Sales leaders, assisting them to  improve sales performance and grow their companies. This includes sales assessment and outsourced sales recruiting.

Karen leads Worldleaders Inc.’s Outsourced Sales Recruiting Practice, a service designed to ensure that Worldleaders’ clients have a consistent pipeline of top performing sales talent, allowing them to hire the top 25% of sales performers consistently, objectively, cost effectively and quickly.

Joe Morone

Joe is the co-founder and B2B Technology Sales Researcher & Strategist for Worldleaders Inc. He is the lead sales trainer of the Smart Sales Institute for B2B Technology Sales, co-author of the five-star rated book, The Smart Sales Method for B2B Technology Sales Teams and an international B2B Technology Sales Speaker.

His guidance in implementing the right sales strategy, sales methods and  developing sales skills has helped thousands of sales representatives and more than 120 B2B Technology firms better differentiate, win more sales and  realize new growth.

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