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Chris LaForest

Success Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Chris LaForest learned long ago that opportunity won’t knock on your door – you must create it for yourself. As a Success Coach, he imparts the knowledge and kills necessary for a totally fulfilling life. Passion is behind his every word, and he is ready to give you the tools you need to progress forward in your life and achieve your goals. Chris’s expertise as a speaker, trainer, and coach have given way to the MASS Production Coaching Method. This method is applicable across the board in everyone’s life. Chris excels at giving individuals the tools they need to stay motivated and actualize their success.

Results Driven Action
The only thing stopping you from progression past an average salesperson and moving forward to million-dollar earner status is one simple thing: ACTION. No matter how attainable your goals may be, if you don’t know how to take action and work towards those goals, you’ll never achieve what you desire in life. Or how about the critical question, “WHAT action do I take?” Chris helps answer the how and what of this vital element of your journey towards success.

The value of good advice in life is immeasurable. Chris’s never ending supply of energy and passion for his work, and for your work, motivates his clients and pushes them to their limits in the best way possible. It’s as simple, or as difficult, as changing your mindset, keeping yourself accountable, recognizing what skills you need to grow, and strategizing for the future.

Become Who You Know You Really Are!
Chris’s high-end techniques aren’t taught in classrooms or at other seminars. His unique approach sets him apart from other speakers and gives him the upper hand in the personal development niche. As a Military Intelligence Officer in the Army National Guard, Chris learned discipline and strength and passes those same skills on to his audience. As a lifelong veteran of commission sales, Chris has been “through the ringer” and come out the other side, shed of all the excess nonsense. A wise person learns from his mistakes… a wiser person learns from others’ mistakes. Be the wiser person and learn from Chris.

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