Spend Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at the Burgundy Basin in Pittsford and you will learn specifically what is required to succeed at a high level at sales, marketing, business and life.

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Feel good stories!

Get a complete

Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Technical description the person you must become to win the clients, generate the income, grow the business and create the life you want to live!

Let us help you

close the gap between the way you must Think, Make Decisions, Walk, Talk and Act to create the income you want and the way you presently Think, Make Decisions, Walk, Talk and Act to get the income you have!

Why do you attend training programs?

Because you want to learn


Because you want to “Get Better”


The "Get Better" Conference Starts in








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What is it?

A conference that will get YOU to Think, Make Decisions, Walk, Talk and Act like a top 8% income earner in your industry, so you become a top 8% income earner!

When/Where is it?

  Wed., October 04, 2017!

   Burgundy Basin in Pittsford

Perfectly timed one month after Labor Day just after the excitement of the new season has worn off.

Why Get Better?

Because this is NOT about learning new sales & marketing skills, this is about learning how to become bigger, better, bolder, more consistent and more effective at the skills you already know.  

Consider this very most important question…

What is the one thing that you have complete control over and is guaranteed to help you make more sales, generate more income and improve every area of your life? 

The only answer is, your ability to “Get Better” at

  • Making the tough choices
  • Boldly and congruently saying the words and asking for exactly what you want
  • Consistently and effectively taking the uncomfortable actions that are required to create success.

The key point is you must “Get Better” not just “learn something else”

As a society, we love to learn.  Don’t get me wrong learning is a good thing.  But, tell me, how much do you get paid to learn. 

That is why we say

Because, you get paid for what you do, not for what you know!

That is why this is we created

because when you “Get Better,” you perform all the skills you already know.  As you continue to “Get Better” you perform those skills bigger, better, bolder, more consistently and more effectively than everyone else who does what you do!”   

Compare that strategy to someone who learns something they hope they use someday and when they do use it, they hope it works.

The reality is, when you “Get Better” your performance, results and life “Gets Better!”

That is why you must attend

Because, nothing will get better until YOU “Get Better!”

Three Realities

Three Absolute Realities of

Sales, Marketing, Business, Success and Life!

Nothing will “Get Better" until You “Get Better!”

Do you understand and believe that your results are a direct result of how well you perform and how well you perform is a direct reflection of how good you are?  Thus, better results requires better performance and better performance requires you to “Get Better!”

Thus, this event is for you if you are ready to “Get Better!

Nothing happens until you sell something!

Do you understand and believe that your company cannot survive, grow, scale or sustain itself if you don’t learn how to create a steady stream of clients willing to pay “fair Market” value for a quality product. 

Thus, this is for you if you want to learn how to become as great at marketing and selling your products and services as you are at planning, creating, building and / or delivering those products and services.

"Getting Better" requires Action not information!

Do you know that rarely does anyone change as a result of a one-time training or motivational event?  It may make you feel good and you may learn a lot, but that does not mean you are changed!

Thus, this is for you if you want an event that will improve the way you think, make decisions, walk, talk and act so you do and say what the top 8% of  income earners do and say.

What is The "Get Better" Conference?

Most workshops, books, training programs, coaching programs and conferences focus on teaching you skills, strategies and techniques they claim will improve your results.

The “Get Better” Conference will get you to fully execute the skills, strategies and techniques you already learned at all those other learning events.


This event is for YOU, if

Are you still deciding if

The “Get Better” Conference

is for you?

This video provides two deliverables that should help you know if this event is for YOU!

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Our Presenters!

We've hand seleted five speakers and are working to bring in two more who will discuss specific ways you can get better.  

But, you must know that everything every presenter does, says and suggests has just one purpose.  To show you how to "Get Better" at selling, marketing and life!

This is NOT another sales training
NO Motivational speeches!

Karen Benjamin

As co-founder & co-owner of Worldleaders, Karen's passion is working with CEO's and Sales leaders, assisting them to  improve sales performance and grow their companies. This includes sales assessment and

Click the image to read more

Joe Morone

Joe is the co-founder and B2B Technology Sales Researcher & Strategist for Worldleaders Inc. He is the lead sales trainer of the Smart Sales Institute for B2B Technology Sales, co-author of the five-star rated

Click the image to read more

More speakers will be added shortly

Brandon King

Brandond is the co-owner of Noticestry, an expert marketing company that partner with companies to develop thought leadership within the industry they operate.  Noticestry strives to position companies as experts in their field by utilizing services in Social Media Marketing (SMM), Website Design, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  

Click image to 
read more about Brandon

Chris LaForest

Chris LaForest learned long ago that opportunity won’t knock on your door – you must create it for yourself. As a Success Coach, he imparts the knowledge and skills necessary for a totally fulfilling life. Passion is behind his every word, and he is ready to give you the tools you need to progress forward in your life and achieve your goals.

Click the image to read more

Mark Dulaney

Host & Creator
The "Get Better" Conference

Mark is changing the personal development and training industries by changing the focus from providing you with more skills, strategies, and techniques to changing you so you boldly, consistently and effecitvely execute the skills, strategies, and techniques you already know.

This is not a learning event
This is a "Get Better" event!

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Participation Options!


We have the following pricing policy.  Today's price is reflected below and is good through Monday at 7:00 a.m. when all prices will increase by $10.00.

Why this policy?  Because the first step in "Getting Better" is to make a decision and take action on that decision.  

So, if you see value in "Getting Better" and believe this conference will help you "Get Better" get your ticket today. 

General Admission

Today's Price is good through Monday at 7:00 a.m. and will increase $10 per week
  • Event admission
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Full Buffet Lunch
  • Afternoon Soft drink
  • 21 days of support services to insure you start executing what you learn at the conference
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VIP Seating

Today's Price is good through Monday at 7:00 a.m. and will increase $10 per week
  • Event admission
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Full Buffet Lunch
  • Afternoon Soft drink
  • 35 days of support services to insure you start executing what you learn at the conference
  • VIP Seating (first 4 rows) with table (for easy note taking and lunch)

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The "Get Better" Conference


Will create a
Bigger, Better, Bolder, More Consistent and
More Effective
version of YOU!



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